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To book your appointment online, is easy; simply locate a suitable open clinic nearest to you and decide which of these suits you best. You can book a specific date and time, but to maximize clinic time usage, time allocation is on first come, first serve basis. If none of the avialble open time is suitable, and you wish to have your treatment or consultation as soon as possible, or at outside of the specific dates show, please call 0207-117-6456, or email us with your request to

To confirm your booking, we will send you a self-referral form, which we ask you to please complete and return to us. While we understand that you may not want to provide some sensitive details, basic information such as your name, contact telephone and /or email address and the brief reason for your self-referral for consultation is essential – the rest, can be provided in person, if you prefer.

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    (We strongly advise that you inform your GP of your intention to proceed with any cosmetic surgery, however you have a right of privacy. In matter of safety, it may be necessary to seek your consent to request details from your GP, to be able to proceed with your treatment)

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