• Mr. Joe Daniels

    Thanks. All sorts of procedures are being called vaginal tightening, and mnay surgeons in fact do the same procedure for everybody. I suspect that your vagina is short overall and widened at the top, and possibly your partner is a little on the small side. if these are correct, do reach me via info@gynecoemtics.com, as what you need is a self-customised vaginal tightening surgery. You may of course have a herediarty / congential widened vagina woth these features. You need someone to do your surgery if it comes to this gain, who is very exprienced. I cannot recommend a plastic surgeon for this. You can tightening the full length of the vagina in front and at least 50-80% of the vanigal length at the back. The shorter your vagina, the higher you have to go to get the sort of result that will make a difference for you. My little concern is that you are only 22yrs with no children and you have already had this surgery before, emaning you are morelikely to require Caesarean Section for future childbirth