Gyne Clinics

At GyneClinics we provide a comprehensive private women health service. Our services range from Well Woman Gynaecological Checks and Advice, treatment of Menstrual Disorders, Urinary and Prolapse problems, to sexual confidence improving (GyneCosmetics) treatments. We are committed to providing you with the highest standard of care and our approachable, professional and caring manner helps you properly understand your condition and reduce your anxiety about visiting our clinics. We aim to treat you as an individual, respecting your privacy, whilst providing you a high quality of care, making your experience as stress-free as possible. Do look through the pages to understand your concerns and what we can do to help.

Why Visit Our Private Gynaecology Clinic?

  • You will always see a consultant gynaecologist at every visit. Your consultation, procedure and follow-up will all be with the same highly experienced and easily approachable specialist.
  • Reduced waiting time for specialist gynaecological care: Most of our clients can receive gynaecologist’s advice within the week. Surgical treatment is usually possible within two weeks of referral, as we plan this the moment we get your referral documents.
  • Easily accessible clinics - we run evening and weekend clinics, which are booked to suit our clients’ schedule. You can personalise your care.
  • We have reputation for excellent patient experience, satisfaction and results: most of our clients come to see us on recommendation of friends, doctors or colleagues.

Our Services:

To conduct clinics and manage the following; Well Woman Clinics, Menstrual Problems, Pelvic Pain Problems, Infertility Problems, Menopause Problems, Sexual Difficulties, Vulva and Vaginal Infections, Painful Vulva Conditions, Prolapse , Problems, Urinary Incontinence, Overactive Bladder, Problems after pregnancy, Fibroids and Cysts, Gynaecological swellings, and Cosmetic Gynaecological Concerns, such as Enlarged Labia, Relaxed Vagina – Labioplasty & Vaginoplasty.

As necessary, we refer you for sub-specialist services – e.g, involving cancers, and complex keyhole surgery - to local specialists with appropriate expertise. We work within multi-disciplinary setting. We also work with alternative or complementary medical therapists to provide relevant services in homoeopathy, osteopathy, acupuncture, reflexology, and clinical psychology, which are applicable to gynaecological and women health conditions, for example as in some cases of pelvic pain, premenstrual tension, and menopause.

Contact Us

To learn more about any of these conditions, to arrange consultation or to make an email or telephone enquiry or an e-consultation, or simply to ask questions, do follow the links, as shown. To help you have readily available information that you can refer to, time and again, we have also re-produced the clinical content of this website, in an e-booklet called “GyneClinics Patients’ Handbook of Gynaecology”. Complete our online enquiry form for an immediate response. Receive prompt expert answers to your questions. We guide women to make informed decisions about their care. We private care within our established practicing private clinics, hospital units or medical centres in London, Manchester, Leeds, Harrogate and other West, North and East Yorkshire towns.