Online Consultation

For several reasons, either because you live quite far away from our clinics, or because you live abroad and planning for a trip to the UK for your treatment or because you wanted to just check whether the treatment you are likely to receive will be to your satisfaction, you may choose to provide us with more information about yourself and your concerns, which will be passed on to our experts and and you will be given an intial advise on what needs to be done.

If you have uploaded your intimate photograph, please be reassured that we will not use this in any other way, apart from giving you the necessary advice. Also, if you will like to upload any intimate photograph, if possible, we ask that you provide a password in a separate email, to allow us to unlock the photo file. We also ask that you only include relevant close-view of the photograph, so that it does not reveal to many personal unnecessary features,

Take the first step in getting expert information and advice, for your condition, even before you arrange your face-to-face consultation. Please complete the online consultation form below. We will respond as soon as possible with specific advice and recommendation. Alternatively, please Click Here to arrange a Consultation in one of our Clinics.


  • Attaching images of the appearances of the area you wish to have treatment will greatly help in giving you the best possible advice and recommendations. Please use only standard photo (eg JPEG) format.
  • NB: The online consultation service is only available for the main purpose of determining your next first step, to get appropriate treatment. For the purpose of avoiding repeating the same answers, and in order to continue to provide this as a free service, we may ask you to review certain sections of our website, or perhaps recommend an e-book. In general, if you have purchased an e-book before attending a face-to-face consultation, you will be given a refund, as this will then be considered as part of your consultation fees.

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