About Us

We are a team of gynaecologist-led professionals providing mainly private general gynaecological and urogynaecological services. Over the last ten years we have developed expertise in the emerging sub-specialist field of cosmetic gynaecology, providing carefully assessed on-demand cosmetic services for the enhancement of intimate female appearance and enhancement of sexual gratification. This has also developed into the request for minimal-invasive surgical (laser and ultrasound – Vaser®) liposuction, to shape, reshape or restore the shape of the female pelvic appearance. We take great care in assessing the needs of our clients, listening to their requests, and arriving at a highly individualised care. Every client is different. Although requests and outcomes are generally similar, we pride ourselves in being able to adapt and provide client-centred, services, on the basis of treatment requirement, location, care pathway and cost. Following constant request from our clients, we have also included carefully selected female healthcare products, for daily or frequent use. Lastly in addition, to all these, for over overseas clients and out-of-range area, we have included the on-line consultation services, which allow them to freely access expert opinion, on the basis of which they can either go and discuss with their local general practitioner, healthcare professionals or hospital specialist or in fact objectively make decision to access or clinics, or surgical services. We hope you will find our website and much improved, edited content very useful in helping to meeting your gynaecolgical care needs.